Monday, October 12, 2009

OpenWorld Monday...

Day two for me starts in the keynote with Safra Catz and Charles Phillips. We just had the intro from Judy Sims, the Chief Marketing Officer, and not it feels a little like a rock concert! Always interesting to see the new announcements and directions. Charles has been supporting the user groups a lot and has been at Collaborate for the last several years. It still amazes me the number of people they cram into this room. Great energy for a Monday morning.

Today is presentation day for me along with meetings with a couple regional user groups and special interest groups. These groups are the back bone to the user community and I encourage anyone that is interested in Oracle technology to find your local group and get involved. I'm looking forward to meeting these leaders and finding out how the IOUG can support and work together. My presentation this afternoon will be fun assuming the internet connection in the room works. I have screen shots for my demo, just in case, but that is far less interesting.

Safra Catz is talking about the amount of money they spend on R&D to help us get the right software that works. Interesting how they spend all this money to work on R&D and testing, and we still have lots to do when it comes to us. Charles just gave a shout out to user groups! They actually do listen and work with us so get involved and you can make a difference in the direction of Oracle. More later... demos coming.

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