Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IOUG Real World Performance - Milwaukee

The IOUG Real World Performance Tour has finally arrived in Milwaukee! I have felt a little like a teenager waiting for my favorite band to come to town. Tom Kyte, Andrew Holdsworth and Graham Wood are here talking about Oracle performance and everyone in the room is listening with rapt attention. So far, we know that most performance problems are the network guys... something we DBA's have known for a long time. In reality, the performance issues come in all over the stack and limiting those become our job. Andrew just loaded 2.5 million rows in a minute and a half. I have already learned a lot about SQL Loader, external tables and statistics.

Much of this information is stuff that Tom, Andrew and Graham have learned over many years of working with the product. There are things here that have been learned through Exadata development and are still valid in the non-Exadata world.

I would highly recommend checking out this program if it is coming to a town near you. If it isn't, and you are interested in having the tour visit your area, let the IOUG know!