Thursday, September 10, 2009

OpenWorld 09: T-minus one month!

Only a month remains for me to finish my presentation... yikes! Actually, the biggest problem I am having now is an open Service Request that is in development for a PeopleSoft Plug-in issue after we upgraded our PeopleTools version. Hopefully that will be resolved in the next month. It will be pretty hard to present, "look how cool this is" if it isn't working properly.

Sunday, I will be part of two sessions that I am pretty excited about. Sunday is User Group Forum day at OpenWorld and I promise there is something here for everyone. I am facilitating a Linux Roundtable discussion and a Software Security Assurance Team Town Hall meeting. Both should be fascinating. The Linux discussion will be anything to do with running Oracle technology on Linux. We will have someone from the development teams at Oracle for Linux and Virtualization, along with a some other customers that are Linux users. The Software Security Assurance Town Hall is your chance to ask all those questions you have not had a chance to ask about Security Assurance. We will have Oracle managers and directors that have responsibility for security development. Oracle Configuration Manager, My Oracle Support, Critical Patch Updates, and application security are all on the table for discussion.

Those are just my sessions (not that I'm biased of course) and all the users groups have sessions going on. Make sure to sign up for the OpenWorld Content Builder and reserve your seat for those Sunday sessions. Some of them are filling up already! There are sessions on upgrades, Exadata, BI, Spatial technologies, Content Management, RAC, APEX, Portal technologies and more. I'm starting to sound like a TV pitch man... "and that's not all!"

Of course technical content is only half the story. Who isn't looking forward to Aerosmith and being able to network and meet new people. I know I'm looking forward to catching up with some people I haven't seen since Collaborate! One way to do this for Oracle bloggers is at the Blogger Meetup that Alex Gorbachev has picked up the organizer responsibility for (thanks Alex!). Should be a good opportunity to put a face with a blog.

I better go see if I have any updates from Oracle Support... hint, hint! See you all in San Francisco.

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