Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Linux and Virtualization at OpenWorld #oow09

I had a very productive discussion with several people from the Oracle Linux and Virtualization team yesterday in preparation for the Linux Roundtable session on Sunday at OpenWorld. The session is going to start with an introduction to the Linux team and the Virtualization team by the directors of those technical organizations. We will then have questions and answers for them along with the remaining panel members who are all presenting topics on Linux. This should be a lively discussion and I'm looking forward to facilitating and getting some of my own questions answered.

Topics for the session will include validated configurations, why the Virtualization team chose Xen, patching cycles, how are bugs reported and fixed, and anything else the audience chooses to throw at the panel. This really should be a good combination of how Oracle thinks the technologies are being used and what they are doing to facilitate that use complimented with how real world users are doing. Don't miss the session for anything Oracle on Linux and Virtualization. The session is Sunday, October 11 at 10:30.

For the remaining Linux and Virtualization topics check out this post which lists all of Oracle's sessions. If you are coming to OpenWorld drop me a comment and let me know. I'd love to touch base with people. You will also be able to find me pretty much all day at the User Group forum on Sunday.

For now, I'm on the train on my way to Chicago for our inaugural IOUG/Chicago Oracle Users Group Regional BI Event. Should be very interesting and I'll let everyone know how it goes. Check out the upcoming events here. Upcoming sessions include Pittsburgh and Boston and plans are in the works for several others.

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