Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Thoughts...

I am in a RAC Workshop at the Oracle office in Milwaukee today. We are still in the set up phase so I have a few minutes. This should be either a good follow-up to our recent Clusterware install, or a rude awakening that we need to start over! Let's hope for the former.

Yesterday and today we were in the process of installing a kernel upgrade to our cluster nodes. I have used Clusterware and OCFS on Linux in the past, but never with ASM. The trick was figuring out the order between installing the kernel upgrade and the ASM and OCFS drivers to match the kernel. To add to the trouble the QLogic driver needed to be reinstalled. Lots of learning experiences! The pleasant surprise to me was that once we got everything upgraded on the first node all the pieces, including Clusterware, started normally, even though node two was not yet upgraded. This is a nice upgrade from my last experiences with all this when we had to take node two down before OCFS and Clusterware would start on the upgraded node. Nice to know that future upgrades should allow for much shorter downtime during the failover.

A reminder that early-bird registration for Collaborate 09 closes tomorrow. Hopefully everyone can make it down to Orlando in May. As a member of the Conference Committee, we are hard at work reviewing papers and presentations. The technical content should be excellent as usual. I have been reviewing papers for the Achitecture track and have read some great papers. Since I finally finished my own, I have more time to read others. Now I just need to complete my presentation... details, details.

IOUG members are reminded that the Board of Directors elections are open until Saturday. This is a bit of a selfish plug since I am running for the Board. Most importantly, make sure you vote. A vote for me is very appreciated! Next year's Board promises to be a very good group of people and will continue move IOUG forward.

The workshop is starting... better go pay attention!

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  1. Todd, just stumbled upon this blog via OraNA today. Not sure how I've missed it with a title like that "Cheesehead DBA". Brilliant. As a fellow cheesehead DBA, I hope you are enjoying the RAC Workshop. Remember, you get what you pay for ;) I took the Dataguard workshop a few years ago. It was okay. If you are going to Collaborate, I'd seriously consider the RAC Attack! being put on. I sent one of our jr. DBAs to the IOUG RAC Attack last year and I think it was very beneficial in getting him up to speed on RAC.