Sunday, September 19, 2010

OpenWorld User Group Forum - Best Day of the Week! #oow10

It has been an exciting and fast paced start to the week.  At the moment I am in the User Group Pavilion talking to a lot of people about the benefits of joining a users group.  I've actually been trying to get to the post for a couple hours and get a few words in before saying hi to someone.

If you are here, stop by the booth and check us out.  I'd love to say hi and learn about what you are doing here. If not, check out and find out what we are up to.  Especially remember about Collaborate 11 in April.  This afternoon you can get a sneak peak of the content that you will see at Collaborate during the User Group Forum.  All the IOUG sessions are in the 2001-2008 block of rooms in Moscone West.

More later... we have a line!

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  1. Sorry I missed you at OpenWorld. I have a few questions for you that may be too lengthy to put in email, but is related to using the PeopleSoft Plugin for Grid Control. Can you email me at ?