Monday, May 4, 2009

Collaborate 09 - Day 1: Charles Phillips

What a great start to Collaborate already! Charles Phillips, President of Oracle, had our keynote presentation this morning. Some highlights from the talk include some new releases, extension of support and a demo of Beehive. Charles mentioned that PeopleSoft 9.1 should be available around OpenWorld time. Not much more on that because the big deal was the announcement of EBuiness Suite 12.1. Along with that comes 9 new products that have been updated to 12.1 and 14 production that can run on 11i10 with no upgrade required. One of the main threads that came through was Oracle's sensitivity to the economic times and that not everyone can afford to upgrade. Along those lines he also announced extended support for several products without any additional cost. These included 10gR2 database, which was extended to July 2011, PeopleSoft 8.9, which was extended to Jun 2011, and EBusiness 11.9. I neglected to get that date, but they basically added a year. There were a couple other products that were extended, so I guess it's time to check out the support grid again.

Much of the discussion covered integration and collaboration. The Application Integration Model (AIA) has been expanded to include more applications and uses Oracle Middleware and web services to integrate applications. Oracle is selling the Process Integration Packs (PIP) in order to automatically integrate the applications. These are used to let Oracle worry about your integrations. Sounds great... I'd like to see it in action.

Speaking of seeing in action, there was a demo of Beehive. For many of us, we have heard the term, but are not sure what Beehive is or does. Collaboration and projects are becoming a big focus and this helps to address those issues. The big announcement today for Beehive is the release of the Team Collaboration module that goes GA tomorrow. This allows project teams to create Wikis, team calendars, versioning and check out of files all through one server. Beehive alos includes chat and e-mail and can integrate with other e-mail solutions. The demo was pretty cool and Charles said that Oracle is running this with ten to fifteen thousand users being hosted on one server.

One interesting side comment was about Exadata. Charles was talking about Exadata and how it currently uses Linux. Then he said that the Sun acquisition will not have any effect on Exadata, but that there will probably be a Solaris version at some point... interesting, very interesting.

I am now in the Darwin Awards for IT security. Some of these examples are a little funny and even more scary. I just hope never to be a recipient! More about Collaborate later.

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